Friday, August 13, 2010

never say no/yes?

never say no/yes?
or maybe?

why we are difficult to say NO?
why we are scared to said that we are really want to say NO..
I've really curious about this..

haih . did you all mention anything?
that i'm writing in english?
i don't know why when i want to shared my feelings,
i'm suddenly express my feeling through this language.
when i express in bahasa, maybe it will comes in two way;
I. really weird to heard .
II . sound like I'm a poet .

when I'm writing in english,
people will said, "isn't this owner blog still at secondary school?
why she writing like that? shame you!

OMG!! really want to back malaysia..
[ bajet duk overseas ke? ahahahaha]

nevermind, u can put the blame on me!
so u can put the blame on me~ ahahaha..

opssss sorry, out of topic!

honestly, I can't say NO if anything that i think will hurting others..
I really scared that i will hurting everyone that really hoping, waiting, hear my decision..

oh ya, i'm are person that cannot make a right decision..
really. I'm a confusing person but i'm kind hearted..ahahaha..
malu aiii~~

notesfromdeepinsidemyheart : honestly, I'm didn't plan to writing in english bcoz i know my english damn worst!
i'm just a human being, can't be perfect...huhuhu...
errkkk tetiba minta simpati!! wakakakakakaka

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